About me

I inspire women to Embrace their Wild Woman!

You have forgotten who you are. Your essence. Your divine rights. Your innate gifts.
Banishing the Wild Woman to the depths of your soul out of fear.
We call her home now.

I inspire women to Embrace their Wild Woman!

For as long as I can remember I have felt a yearning… a yearning for something that I couldn’t describe. What was I looking for? What was this empty space inside of me?
In January 2018 I joined a program called ‘The Third Level’ with The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence because I some how knew this was what I was searching for. Today I no longer feel the yearning. I no longer feel empty. I am on my journey of awakening. My path, my purpose.

Rewind a decade and I was lost.

It’s early autumn, the days are getting shoter and colder. You can feel the gap between you and your partner growing bigger and bigger
It’s dark out, and she falls to her knees in the middle of the kitchen, dinner remains untouched on the dining table. She sinks to the floor and desperately grabs her knees to bury her face so that he can’t see her tears. She is so overcome with emotion that she cannot stand, she cannot speak, she cannot breath – sadness, grief, desperation, anger take over her whole being.
She feels weak and dizzy as the tears stream down her young face. Her breath shallow as she struggles to inhale.

The simple question “Why?” escapes her mouth followed by a flood tears.
There is no reply. The only solace… the sweet embrace of her 18 month old son.
The footsteps become lighter and futher away, door close with a clunck, the car engine fires and and he drives away.
The sickening feeling in her stomach becomes angrier, overwhelming her completely. There she remains, on the floor in complet despair hugging her son so tight, her head pounding from the tears.

Her mind foscussed on one thing.
This is my fault. If only I was enough. If only I wasn’t so ugly. If only I wasn’t so fat. If only I wasnt pregnant. I am nothing. Who will love me now?

Her pregnant belly a constant reminder that she is not enough, vulnerable, and all alone.

For almost a decade I wholeheartedly believed that my ex-partner was to blame for how much I dislike myself, hated the way I looked, and believed that I would never feel. 

It was his fault that I didn’t feel that I was good enough, that I didn’t feel pretty, that I wasn’t cool enough.

The day I knew these thoughts were indeed my own doing, was the day I was set free from this event. Total liberation. All the activating thoughts and feelings from that event and towards my ex-partner no longer existed.

Although our awakening journey begins at the beginning of our life, this was and remains a pivitol moment in my journey. 

The subconscious fear that ‘I am not enough’ is so deeply ingrained in the whole of consciousness. Industries are fuelled by this subconsious fear of ours. It is my mission to take women on the sacred journey to meeting themselves through the Wild Woman, where they will know their innate power.

I am also a mum

of 4 beautiful and energetic children aged between 11 and 2. 1 boy followed by 3 girls.
I do this work for them and their future as much as I do it for myself.
I live in the Upper Murray, the foothills of the snowy mountains, with my family.
I love everything about country living… the space, the community, the views, the intimacy with nature, the peacefulness. I feel extremely blessed to be bringing our family up on the farm, with the freedom to explore, ride horses, ride motorbikes, go on advantures and swim in the freshest of rivers.

I am also a social butterfly, I love company, I love spending time with friends and of course I love to see people grow

Baking to me is fun and… well my family doesn’t mind taste testing my creations… and on occasion my youngest likes to change the setting so I grill my cakes instead of baking them – haha.

I play social netball with one of our local clubs… by social, I mean… well it feels serious to me, I have to wear a Lycra uniform. There is something about being part of a team that I LOVE. The bonds created, the camaraderie, the feeling of belonging and the commitment.

Hmmm what else can I share about myself, I love Cloth Nappies, Designers bums are number one pick, I love to be sustainable where we can, and am always challenging myself and others to do better for our environment.

I love to joke and laugh and not take life too seriously, I believe we are here for a good time, to laugh, to be happy, to grow and to learn.

Most importantly I believe we are here to grow as a collective, to continue to make the world a better place to live in.
Brie x