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The Wild Woman Archetype is the key to unlocking your worth.
Your worth hasn’t gone anywhere, you have buried it so deep in your shadows that you can’t find it. Subconscious fear blocks you from seeing your true power and magnificence. In our work together we restore you to true state, which is wholeness.

As your intuitive guide I support you to call back your power from the experiences that caused you to separate from your self, your Wild Woman Self. 
The Wild Woman knows her worth, she defines what it means to be a woman. Walking her path fiercely to the beat of her own heart. You have heard her call, you can feel her awakening deep within. Whenever you see injustice towards a woman through words or actions, you can feel your Wild Woman’s rage bubble to the surface.

The Wild Woman stands for all woman to unapologetically know their worth!  

We are all born with a unique plot of rich and fertile soil.

Our brain and body are the soil of our innate gardens. All our gardens have the same parts, but they are all organised in a different way.
Our family and individual cultures and the collective plant the seeds and tend to our garden while they teach us to tend to our own gardens. They plant the seeds of language, attitudes, knowledge and habits for every area of our lives. As we move into adolescence we begin to tend our own garden.
As we go about tending our glorious gardens we see all the beautiful nourishing plants our families and cultures have planted for us. As we become more familiar with our gardens we begin to notice some weeds, some pretty toxic stubborn weeds lovingly (or not so lovingly) planted by our loved ones and cultures. All of us, even those of us with the most full and colourful of gardens have to deal with some pretty invasive and unwanted weeds. Weeds of a sex negative culture full of body shaming, and thriving on our unworthiness and our negative beliefs.
To have a healthy garden, a garden that we each choose we have no other option than to move through each row deciding what we want to keep and nurture and what we want to dig out and replace with something that feels congruent.
It makes sense doesn’t it. All the shared family, cultural and collective beliefs that we just can’t shake no matter how hard we try.

This is where I come in. These toxic weeds are your subconscious fears, your limiting beliefs. I help you weed your garden of these toxic weeds. 
I take you beyond the known of your fears to root of the issue where we rewire your subconscious at this deepest level.
This is where you will see true change.

The Intuitive Intelligence® Method
is detailed, practical and specific.

The Method sessions include:

– Identifying the subconscious fear blocks and dominant shadow archetypes ruling your life and relationships;

– Accessing your Akashic Records, in other words journeying to the past life in which the subconscious fear began to reinscribe the timeline;

– Clearing the subconscious fear blocks permanently using a range of energy medicine tools appropriate to you;

– Assessing each chakra (energy point running along the length of the spine to the top of the head) to locate energetic blockages at the level of your physical body, emotional body and energy body that may be causing physical illness or emotional imbalances, as well as difficulty in finding purpose, success and ease in relationships;

– Connecting you to the archetypal energy best able to guide your next steps;

– Equipping you with powerful tools and energetic scaffolding that you need to continue the process for yourself after the session.


What is Subconscious Fear?

Durnig a Method session we go beyond the known of your fears, to the root of the problem, and rewire your subconscious at this deepest level. We journey deep into your mystics cave and uncover the fears, patterns and habits that are ruling your life.
As a collective, we falsely believe that we are in “control” of ours lives… or that we have “no control” over our lives. It’s paradox, on one hand control is an illusion however on the other, we can choose to remove obstacles so that we can live an empowered life.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”. Carl Jung
As you can see above we and those around us are aware of only a small fraction of our thoughts and beliefs. It is our personality that we project into the world. Our conscious mind is simply reacting to directions given to it by the deeper subconscious.
When attempt to ‘fix’ things at the top level we are simply moving furniture around in a burning building, as my teacher, Ricci-Jane constantly remind me. If we move the couch over to the window, it will still be burned.
Releasing subconscious beliefs at this deepest level allows you to make real and profound. change.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I have had the deep privilege of mentoring and training Brie Jones for many years, and with particular focus, since she took up her place as a student in the 12 month Third Level program. Every woman who commits to this level of intensive personal, spiritual and most importantly professional development, has the intention to be the cause of miracles in the lives of those she serves. Brie is no exception. She is an intuitive powerhouse and coach and is continually driven to do more for those she works with. It is no surprise then Brie is continuing to increase her skills and deepen her capacity t serve as a scholar in the Institute’s Postgraduate program. I am awed by the skill and expertise of this woman. What a privilege to know her.

Ricci-Jane Adams


I had an Intuitive Session with Brie and was honestly blown away by the experience. I received insights and guided messages that were perfectly timed. I immediately felt something that was stuck in me had shifted. I felt clarity and confidence about my journey. Since then, listening to and acting on my Intuition has become a major priority which has opened up flow into my life (among other wonderful things!). I highly recommend Brie!!!

Julia McKeowon

Private Client

I had a one to one session with Brie several months ago. I had been struggling with months and months of procrastination. I was feeling a bit lost. Although I knew the session would be good, I have to say I was blown away by it. Brie is incredibly intuitive and was amazing at guiding me. I had so many “wow” moments. And so much changed for me after that session. It really did help set me on an incredible path. I’ve absolutely loved continuing to work with Brie. I’ve since had another session, and we were able to go really deep and clear even more blockages. What I really love about working with Brie is that I feel like she’s really invested in serving me, and there’s never any feeling of being judged by her. She’s in the trenches with me. She’s a real person who is openly going on her own awakening journey and shares it in all its realness and rawness, but she is fully committed to it. And she inspires me to continue with mine.

Charlie O’Connor

Private Client

My first experience

I walked away from my first experience with an Intuitive Guide with an unknown feeling of wholeness. As though a had found a part of myself that I didn’t know I was missing. A sense of belonging, of freedom, of calmness.

The underlying dominant negative self belief that Ricci-Jane identified was the fear of not being enough. A fear I can trace back through the years, a fear that has held me back, kept me playing small, a fear that allowed me to think that I was never pretty enough, funny enough, smart enough, cool enough.

I was taken on a journey deep into my subconscious where a past life was presented. This lifetime was set in the 1200’s where I was a young 12 year old boy living with my family in a small village nestled in green rolling hills, surrounded by farmland.

Along with the other young boys my age I was being prepared by the village medicine man to fight in battle, should it reach our small village.

Without warning the battle tore through our village. Eagerly I raced out to defend my family and a sword sliced through my chest, through my heart. I lay on the battle field taking my last breaths, I wishing that I was a better soldier, wishing that I could have been stronger, wishing that I didn’t let my teacher, my family and my village down. I died believing that I should have been better… more.

This instigating event is where the dominant belief that ‘I am not enough’ began and it stayed with me every time I incarnated, over and over in all my lifetimes between then and now.

After my session I felt different. It is hard to put into words as ‘different’ doesn’t seem enough to justify the profound change I felt. A wholeness, a sense of peace, that I had been reunited with a part of my soul that I had forgotten and long left behind. long left behind.

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