The Wild Intuitive Woman!


It is a common misconception that our Intuition is something that exists outside of us and that we can learn to connect into or that it is a gift that some people poses and others don’t. The truth is we are always in communion with our intuition… every single one of us. There is never a time that we aren’t. The reason we don’t know this.. is perhaps because no one ever told us…. and we have been domesticated away from it. Have you ever been told to just be polite and go and sit on sleazy old uncle John’s lap… even when every inch of you is telling you not to? You have been told to not trust your most basic form of Intuition over and over and over again.

Intuition and spirituality often fall under the ‘Woo Woo’ banner – another way we are domesticated away from it. In truth our intuition is simply our connection with self, it cannot be taken away from us under any circumstances.
The biggest block to our intuition is our distrust in our intuition and in our selves, this distrust shows as a lack in our self worth and as I mentioned above we have been taught to distrust our intuition from a very young age. To increase your self worth, you must go on a journey to of self trust by learning exactly who you are, a benevolent piece of this incredible universe. Yes even you are a divine and important piece of this universe.

During our time together I will take you back to the absolute basics of intuition. The what, the how, the why, the where. What is intuition? How does it work? Why do I want to explore my Intuition? Where does my Intuition reside?
I will teach you how you can live from your Intuitive Intelligence…. that is living in congruence with your higher self every day. There is never a question to be asked, never a time to ‘connect in’, never a doubt or distrust of your intuition.

This program is about you and your intuition. It is about learning to live intuitively, always in congruence with yourself. Once you know who you are, once have glimpsed your gloriousness and the truth of who you are and the universe we live in there is no turning back. Like the choice Neo was given by Morpheus in the Matrix, “…This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.”

What I can promise you if you are ready is an end to your question of ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Why am I here?’.

Are you ready?

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The Wild Intuitive Woman!

The Wild woman is the untamed, wild, confident and intuitive part of your soul that you yearn to awaken. Yearning for the freedom to trust without question your divine intuition, your deepest desires and thoughts.

“I know who I am. A divine piece of this benevolent universe. Glorious in all my forms. Only I hold the power to define my worth. I choose to walk my path fiercely as the true expression of myself. Everything I do is for my highest good and the highest good for the awakening world I am submerged in! I live my life from my hearts Intuitive intelligence, always in communion with my higher self. I unapologetically dance to the beat of my own heart, Wild and Free” . Wild Woman

On the Epic Journey that awaits us, we explore our separation from the Wild Woman, whether you like to acknowledge it or not we live in a patriarchal society where women have been forced to live under the rule of man. Times are changing, but the patriarchy is still prevalent. As so we have banished our Wild and Free spirited Wild Woman to the depths of our soul, We feel her separation deeply and until now it has not been safe to awaken her. She ready and waiting for you to take the dive inwards.
Together we will take a deep dive into the depths of your soul to reclaim her… the Wild Intuitive Woman. …and let me tell you, she is excited to meet you.

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Investment – $997

10 x Pre recorded Lectures
5 x 30 min 1:1 sessions to go deeper into the training
1 x 75 minute session to go deeper into your fear blocks
Opportunity to purchase further 75 minute 1:1’s at a reduced price
Quizzes to keep you on track
A space to ask questions and share breakthrough using an app called Voxer.
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Intuition and the Wild Woman

Together we emerge from the depths of our soul as the Wild Intuitive Woman!

You are never afraid for the reason you think you are. ACIM.
Meaning every thought, every belief, every action, every trigger, every anxious thought, and every judgment (of self or others) comes from a deeper place than what we are consciously aware of.

Your unworthiness beliefs do not at the surface level of consciousness nor are they unique to you or this lifetime. They are buried deep down in our subconscious, hidden from our logical minds. During our work together (in particular our 1:1 work) we explore and transmute the deeper beliefs that are ruling our lives.

During our time together you will learn about the foundations of Intuition, and how intuition works, from its most basic primitive forms to the highest forms.
You will walk away deeply knowing your Wild and untamed Intuitive self and that excites me.
At no stage will we be chasing down our Intuition, it is not something we can simply go and get or that I can bestow upon you. Instead I will help you understand what Intuition actually is, how the universe is truly configured and how you are an intricate part of the universe. You will discover that you, me, everyone is already in possession of all that we need to live a life always in communion with our higher self.

During this revolutionary form of Intuition development, I will teach you how to activate your Intuitive Intelligence by breaking through the subconscious fears (aka beliefs) that are blocking your Intuition.

You will master the 3 immutable laws that govern our lives, yet are largely unknown to the world.

Explore the leading edge science of intuition and the role of the anatomical heart as our most powerful intelligence.

Command your intuition into consistent action, knowing that there is never a moment when you are not living your intuitive knowing.

You will become Spiritually Fierce,
Fearless and Unlimited.

Self Worth and the Wild Woman

Your Intuition and self esteem are not just intertwined with each other, t hey are one and the same! One cannot exist without the other.

So what is self worth?
The sense of one’s own value or worth as a person. Seems simple right? Perhaps you have felt it in a fleeting moment when you landed ’the awesome job’, got ‘the hot bf’, or fitted into a rocking outfit. But only a fleeting moment. It never seems to stick around for long and it can be taken from you in a millisecond. One wayward comment, one unattractive photo, one small comparison of ourselves with another. Blink and it’s gone.

For countless years I have been ‘working on’ my self worth, searching for it in weight loss products, attempting to build it up with positive affirmations. Believing that if I can just lose the weight, stay young forever, and look like my body hasn’t carried four miracle babies, I would find it and live happily ever after

Boy was I wrong.

What if I told you that your ‘lack of self worth’ is NOT actually the problem. There is no lack of self worth, it’s right there in the centre of your being, Glorious, Amazing….and… buried under a huge pile of Negative beliefs, societal beliefs, cultural beliefs. I refer to these beliefs as subconscious fear… if you join Awaken, you will learn all about them.

Oh yeah, those negative beliefs aka
fears lovingly planted in your soul garden.

Let me share with you this awesome analogy I read by Emily Nagoski.
We are all born with a unique plot of rich and fertile soil, our brain and body are the soil of our innate gardens.

All our gardens have the same parts and of course they are all organised in a different way (because if we were all the same that would be BORING)!
Our family and cultures plant the seeds and tend to our garden for us as we are taught to tend to them ourselves. They plant the seeds of language, attitudes, knowledge and habits (even the annoying ones) for all areas of our life. As we move into adolescence we begin to tend our own garden.

As we go about tending and becoming more familiar with our glorious gardens admiring all the beautiful nourishing plants our families and cultures have planted for us we begin to notice some pretty toxic weeds popping up.. or perhaps they are already taking over the garden. All of us, even those of us with the most full and colourful of gardens have to deal with some pretty invasive, unwanted and let’s say ugly, weeds. Weeds of a sex negative, body shaming culture thriving on our negative beliefs of unworthiness.

To have a healthy garden, a garden that we each choose, it is imperative that we search through each row one by one, deciding on what to keep, nurture and grow and what we must dig out and dispose of quick smart.

Do you believe this is your one and only life time? I believe the opposite… so let’s roll with my belief for a second… if you have in-fact been incarnated many many many times… that makes for a lot of toxic weeds.

So grab your gardening gloves my friend… We are going on a weed hunt!

“The problem is not your known fears; The problem is your unknown fears”

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Learning Outcomes

– You will learn the foundations & fundamentals of Intuition, transforming your knowledge into practical, life changing skills.
– Learn how to harness your intuition so that it truly accessible, reliable and designed for your guidance.
– You will learn the divine nature of your intuition beyond the trinkets and superstitions of the new age, and how to create the experience of the life you most desire using your Intuitive Intelligence.
– You will walk away with a clear connection to your intuition, knowing how to connect with spirit guides, intuit messages from oracle cards and much more.


The Hermetic Laws
Heart Coherence
Determining your dominant intuition style
Healthy Boundaries
Fact or Fiction
Energy Expansion
Subconscious Fear Release
Guided Visualisation to increase Intuition
Meeting your Shadow Archetype
Increasing Spiritual Sight

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – this is what my beautiful clients have to say:

First of all I just have to say I had no idea how this worked or what was involved but I thought , why not meet up with Brie and see. Turns out it is seriously the best thing I could have done! Brie is friendly, calming, very welcoming and absolutely judge free during our sessions. Feeling comfortable during these moments can make all the difference so I truely thank Brie for her comforting and loving nature.
Secondly “Oh my goodness!” Emotions and questions came flowing! How on earth did she know that? Where is she getting this information from? How is this happening? Why has that come up? These are some of the many questions that arose after our first meet. (I now know) But I didn’t care for an answer in this moment because I knew this was about to change my look on life and better things were coming. This woman is extraordinary! This woman is a gift! I know I will be forever blessed and grateful for Brie’s intuitive guidance. The key is, don’t hold back let Brie take you by the hand through this very special journey. You will be pleased you did! X

Ally Boers

Private Client

What a wonderful gift you have Brie & such a beautiful, warm & welcoming spirit.
I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about myself knowing fully that I am completely safe under your guidance.
The journeys you have taken me on have been mind blowing & truly transformational. My favourite part was recognising what my clair is, developing it & learning more about it.
You are supportive, non judgemental & it so comfortable & easy being around you.
I look forward to continuing down the different paths I go on throughout our journeys & developing & growing in mind, body & spirit.

Lynette Bos

Student of the Wild Intuitive Woman

I was feeling a bit lost. Although I knew the session would be good, I have to say I was blown away by it. Brie is incredibly intuitive and was amazing at guiding me. I had so many “wow” moments. And so much changed for me after that session. It really did help set me on an incredible path. I’ve absolutely loved continuing to work with Brie. I’ve since had another session, and we were able to go really deep and clear even more blockages. What I really love about working with Brie is that I feel like she’s really invested in serving me, and there’s never any feeling of being judged by her. She’s in the trenches with me. She’s a real person who is openly going on her own awakening journey and shares it in all its realness and rawness, but she is fully committed to it. And she inspires me to continue with mine.

Charlie O’Connor

Student of the Wild Intuitive Woman

This program is for you if…

…you are Awakening to the truth that is more to life than you have been led to believe.

You desires a deeper Connection with self!

In a seemingly connected world we are often left feeling disconnected and lost in a stressful sea of busy-ness & responsibility. This lost feeling comes from our disconnect with self. During this Spiritual Adventure we simply open ourselves back up to the truth of who we are.

You yearn to permanently uncover your Self worth

Our Intuition and Self worth go hand in hand. You cannot have one with our the other. As we Awaken our Intuition, we Awaken our Self Worth and vice verse. This has been 100% accurate on my personal journey of Awakening.

You are ready to discover your soul path

So often we ponder the meaning of life. Why am I here, living this exact life? What is my purpose? Why did these things happen to me?
On this adventure together we illuminate our soul path… which is simply to Awaken.

Course Timetable

Week 1 – Introduction
Week 2 – Kinds of Intuition
Week 3 – 30 min 1:1
Week 4 – Science of Intuition 
Week 5 – Anatomy of Fear
Week 6 – 30 min 1:1
Week 7 – Healthy Boundaries
Week 8 – Fact or Fiction 
Week 9 – 30 min 1:1
Week 10 – Law of Mentalism
Week 11 – Law of Correspondence
Week 12 – 30 min 1:1
Week 13 – Law of Vibration
Week 14 – Energetic Protection
Week 15 – 30 min 1:1

The pre-recorded lectures are your learning component and the 30min one on one sessions are your space to ask questions, deepen into the learnings and practices.  

Who is the Wild Woman?

I am the untamed, wild and confident part of your soul that you yearn to awaken. Yearning for the freedom to express your deepest desires and thoughts.
You have been taught to believe that I am reckless, outspoken, out of control, that I am sinful and not to be played with. To be these things would leave you an outcast, judged and unaccepted. You have been shamed for speaking your truth whilst I was with you and so you buried me deep within your shadows, scared to be marked as a ‘reckless Wild Woman’. With me, you buried your worth, your freedom to be the full expression of you. You conformed to be the good obedient woman, and whilst you appear to be approved of and accepted you have sacrificed too much. You have forgotten us, banishing us the deepest parts of your soul.
I define my worth. I choose to walk my path fiercely. I seek no ones approval. Everything I do is for the highest good of the awakening world! I confidently dance to the beat of my own heart, Wild and Free.
I see you. I see all of you through the unfiltered lens. Raw, Vulnerable, Powerful and truly Magnificent.

“Everything you have heard about me is wrong, and oh yes, you have heard about me! You ache to know me in your being, even if it terrifies you to let go of control. I am not consumed by your thoughts of me. I encode my reality with the heat of my purpose. I hold spacemen between dimensions for fresh wonder to flood the earth. Beyond pain, beyond joy. I am love of the kind you have never met.
Self-approving, boundless, untethered from ordinary life, I cast my web wide to draw the world into a new paradigm of consciousness”.

Ricci-Jane Adams

Learn more about the Wild Woman