Law Of Vibration!

Law Of Vibration!

We heard the quotes, seen the Memes plastered over social media.. but what do they actually mean? 

Raise your VIBE!
Your VIBE attracts your tribe!
Don’t kill my VIBE!
Protect your VIBE!

So what is VIBE… aka Vibration? What does this mean??? … and more importably how can I care for my own vibe?

Well to get all technical on you, it’s the Law of Vibration (and energy), and it is one of the 3 immutable laws. The real driver behind the Law of Attraction – a term that is perhaps more familiar to you. The Law of Vibration states that anything that exists in our universe, whether visible or not, is in its simplest form pure energy. This energy is constantly moving and exists as a vibration or frequency. All matter, thoughts and feelings have their own vibrational frequency.

From teeny tiny atoms, to rainbows, light, stardust, and happy thoughts – to more dense matter like rock, trees, metal, your phone, or your great grandmothers antique rocking chair – they all carry their own unique vibration. The teeny tiny atom vibrating at higher frequency than your grandmothers antique rocking chair. An apple vibrates at a higher frequency than a doughnut.

Colours have vibration, lighter and brighter colours of course having the higher frequency vibration.

Your body is no exception. You are Energy first, matter second. Of course it would be no surprise to hear that higher vibrational frequencies are healthier for the body.  Lower and denser frequencies create more dis-ease and dis-comfort.

Take yourself to a time when you spent time with a person/s and you walked away feeling heavy, low, tired. You know the person, the one that is always negative and sucks the joy out of everything. People with a low vibration can literally drain your energy (if you allow it – more on that later). Or when that person is you, and other happy moods drive you insane because you are not in the mood for their high vibes (You know this has happened to you at one stage or another).

Now think about people in your life that you love to be around. You feel happy, energised, and uplifted when you are with them. Those relationships are the ones you naturally want to nurture and grow. 

So this begs the question…Can you take responsibility for your own vibration?? YES YES YES. Your Vibration is 100% your responsibility.
How can you raise your vibration and keep it high, Especially when your life appears to be crumbling down around you? Or you find yourself surrounded by ‘low vibing’ people?

Well in the short term, at the surface we can raise our vibration quickly and easily with simple things like uplifting music. My fave song at the moment to help raise my vibe (and the kids) is Shakira, Waka, Waka. Have a listen to it and see how you feel, dance around with it in the lounge room with the kids. I bet you all laugh and can feel your vibration high and light. Simply dancing, laughing, clapping, spend time with your fun high vibing girlfriends can take you from a low vibe or mood, to a happy, lighter vibe.

Raising your vibration in a deeper and more sustainable way requires a commitment to your inner self. Meditations, self-care and most importantly meeting and releasing subconscious fear (aka self beliefs/stories etc). Anything, absolutely anything, that moves you away from Love is Fear. As you learn to recognise your fear and uncover your subconscious fears layer by layer…by layer you are permanently reprogramming your subconscious away from fear to love. 

Check out the freebies section (link below) on my website, where you will find mediations that I personally use on a daily basis, inspired by my teacher, Ricci-Jane Adams. 

Heart Coherence will simply raise your vibration through the feelings of gratitude, freedom, joy and appreciation. 

MicroMethod helps you uncover subconscious fear and return bring it to the light where it will be no more.

So there you have it. Simple ways to keep in control of your personal vibration that you project out into our wonderful world.

I would love to know how you go with these mediations and what you learnt about yourself. 

Brie xx