Mum Life

Mum Life

For those who don’t know me (Brie), I have 4 kids. 9 yr old boy and 7, 2.5 and 8months old girls. I am BUSY!

There is always the washing, the cooking, tidying, etc, however there are also the tears, the tantrums, the defiant, the cute the joy, the laughter… it really could be any of those things at any one time… changing at the drop of a hat.

So this morning I was SUPER organised. Like SUPER MUM! Lunches were read to Rock’n’Roll, Mr 9 made scrambled eggs for all the kids, Miss 8months was still sleeping, the household was running smoothly…. I got myself ready, grabbed my shake, packed the car, popped the girls in the car…. I AM RUNNING EARLY – WOOHOO!!! Oh hang on, where are Mr 9 and Miss 7??? I could not find my older kids ANYWHERE! I mean where could they go?

They had walked to the bus stop to catch the school bus…. that left 1/2 an hour earlier….

Since when did my children leave the house without saying goodbye…. since when did they walk to the bus on their own accord… NEVER!  I am always chasing them out the door…

We live on a farm with a 500m drive way, I drove out the first gate, found my eldest but Miss 7 was nowhere to be seen. I freaked out… where could she be. I could feel my pulse getting faster and the steam build up in my ears. I drive out the second gate still no sig of her. Where was she, was she hiding? Was she walking to school? WHERE?

Back to the house I go, there she is standing there with her bag and her ballet clothes in her hand.. she trying not to drop them.

So now we are running late… (as per freaking usual), she gets in the car… hasn’t brushed her teeth, made her bed, put her plate in the dishwasher… I do wonder what she actually did this morning for an hour and a half??? I got cranky at the kids, It was a combination of fear, frustration, exhaustion all rolled into one. I walked them into the school and had them explain to Mary, our admin lady why they were late. I have cancelled dance this evening, moved bed time to an hour earlier and will be getting them up 1/2 an hour earlier. So watch this space.. maybe tomorrow I can actually be SUPER MUM!

So after dropping them at school and my little ones at daycare (oh the tears), I rocked up at the library to work (instead of driving 1/2 home I do my work from the library its AMZING!), and I just want to cry. So I went for a quick walk to get my head back in the game. I Popped dear friend at her work. She gave me a HIGH FIVE! It was the best. I love that us mums get it. We know how hard this job is. It’s more than a full time job, it’s a 24/7 job. It’s physically and mentally exhausting… Some days I want to run away… but the rewards are GREAT! The smiles, the cuddles, the ‘I lub you’, the laughter… most days are wonderful… and these more that make up for the days where I want someone to make me to have a nap.

Why did I share this? Because being a mother is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done… I guess thats why I went back for more babies… but it is also the HARDEST damn thing I have ever done! I have literally put my body on the line for these cute little menace children of mine. I am not always going to be SUPER MUM, it is not always going to be easy, but its a lot easier knowing that I am not alone, that these days are short lived, and I will one day look back on them as the best years of my life.

So go out and HIGH FIVE your mum friends, it will make their day a brighter day xx

Brie x