Soooo… what is an Intuitive Guide??

Soooo… what is an Intuitive Guide??

I get asked this question ALL THE TIME!

“It sounds cool Brie, but what exactly do you do??”

Well let me tell you. Basically I identify your dominant negative self beliefs, aka fears, that are ruling your life and clear and release them out of the depths of your subconscious. Sounds so easy… right? ?

Layer by layer we uncover and release the fear blocking you from truly knowing yourself.

During our initial session we will
? Identify the subconscious fear blocks and dominant shadow archetypes ruling your life and relationships;
?Accessing your Akashic Records, in other words journeying to the lifetime in which the subconscious fear began to rein-scribe the timeline;
?Clearing the subconscious fear blocks permanently using a range of energy medicine tools appropriate to you;
?Assessing each chakra to locate energetic blockages at the level of your physical body, emotional body and energy body.
?Connecting you to the archetypal energy best able to guide your next steps;
?Equipping you with powerful tools and energetic scaffolding that you need to continue the process for yourself after the session.

75 minutes of gloriousness ?

Many of my clients describe their experience as “I feel different”, they find it hard to put into words just how profound the experience is. The peace, clarity and connectedness its brings are so unfamiliar yet so profound.

If you are encountering the same kinds of life situations again and again, no matter how consciously you are working on them, then a Method session will provide immediate relief and clarity.