Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

What a wonderful gift you have Brie & such a beautiful, warm & welcoming spirit.
I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about myself knowing fully that I am completely safe under your guidance.
The journeys you have taken me on have been mind blowing & truly transformational. My favourite part was recognising what my clair is, developing it & learning more about it.
You are supportive, non judgemental & it so comfortable & easy being around you.
I look forward to continuing down the different paths I go on throughout our journeys & developing & growing in mind, body & spirit.

Lynette Bos

First of all I just have to say I had no idea how this worked or what was involved but I thought , why not meet up with Brie and see. Turns out it is seriously the best thing I could have done! Brie is friendly, calming, very welcoming and absolutely judge free during our sessions. Feeling comfortable during these moments can make all the difference so I truely thank Brie for her comforting and loving nature.
Secondly “Oh my goodness!” Emotions and questions came flowing! How on earth did she know that? Where is she getting this information from? How is this happening? Why has that come up? These are some of the many questions that arose after our first meet. (I now know) But I didn’t care for an answer in this moment because I knew this was about to change my look on life and better things were coming. This woman is extraordinary! This woman is a gift! I know I will be forever blessed and grateful for Brie’s intuitive guidance. The key is, don’t hold back let Brie take you by the hand through this very special journey. You will be pleased you did! X

Ally Boers

From the moment you connect with Brie you are held. You can feel her fierce compassion and desire to assist you in fully awakening into the best possible expression of YOU. She holds you in such a way that it is ok to be real, to get raw and to feel those aspects of yourself you would prefer to shy away from, making it ok to face them because you are not alone in this process. She will champion for you as you meet these places within yourself and stands at the other side with a smiling heart when you emerge the other side, ready to walk that much taller into the world. Thank you Brie for being that light guiding me back to my truth, I am so grateful to work with you and to discover aspects of myself I could only imagine to be true!

Michelle Duke

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I have had the deep privilege of mentoring and training Brie Jones for many years, and with particular focus, since she took up her place as a student in the 12 month Third Level program. Every woman who commits to this level of intensive personal, spiritual and most importantly professional development, has the intention to be the cause of miracles in the lives of those she serves. Brie is no exception. She is an intuitive powerhouse and coach and is continually driven to do more for those she works with. It is no surprise then Brie is continuing to increase her skills and deepen her capacity t serve as a scholar in the Institute’s Postgraduate program. I am awed by the skill and expertise of this woman. What a privilege to know her.

Ricci-Jane Adams

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence 

I had been struggling with months and months of procrastination. I was feeling a bit lost. Although I knew the session would be good, I have to say I was blown away by it. Brie is incredibly intuitive and was amazing at guiding me. I had so many “wow” moments. And so much changed for me after that session. It really did help set me on an incredible path. I’ve absolutely loved continuing to work with Brie. I’ve since had another session, and we were able to go really deep and clear even more blockages. What I really love about working with Brie is that I feel like she’s really invested in serving me, and there’s never any feeling of being judged by her. She’s in the trenches with me. She’s a real person who is openly going on her own awakening journey and shares it in all its realness and rawness, but she is fully committed to it. And she inspires me to continue with mine.

Charlie O’Connor

Brie is beyond incredible – she always and all ways makes me feel deeply heard, held and safe. Her energy feels like a beautifully cheeky, warm, loving embrace. An phenomenal mentor and siSTAR. ❤️ I highly recommend connecting with her!

Kirsten Neller

I had an Intuitive session with Brie Jones and was honestly amazed at what came up. She brought a peaceful presence but also more than I could have expected. It opened my eyes.

Hilary Bailey

Private Client

I have worked with Brie on a number of occasions and after every session I feel a sense of lightness and renewed focus to continue on my unique path. I always feel safe to share without judgement and truly appreciate her genuine care and guidance

Sarah Rowan

Brie was able to guide me through my deepest fears and blockages to unlock my potential. All my sessions with Brie have been very comfortable, insightful and empowering. I love the follow up activities that enable me to further explore what the sessions have uncovered. It is a truly amazing experience!

Kirsten Neller

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Brie is an incredible powerhouse and phenomenal intuitive guide. Brie is extremely insightful and very personable which puts you at ease instantly knowing that you are in safe hands. I adore every moment I get with this glorious woman as her alchemy is exquisite and down right infectious! Brie is honest, nurturing, wise and vibrant. This beautiful woman is the real deal and I couldn’t recommend her enough. Thanks for doing what you do Brie. You are a beacon of light to many.

Gemma Dere

I had an Intuitive Session with Brie and was honestly blown away by the experience. I received insights and guided messages that were perfectly timed. I immediately felt something that was stuck in me had shifted. I felt clarity and confidence about my journey. Since then, listening to and acting on my Intuition has become a major priority which has opened up flow into my life (among other wonderful things!). I highly recommend Brie!!!

Julia McKeowon

Brie has a clarity of intuition that inspires you to truly let go of fear through her Intuitive Guidance sessions. I felt so safe and held during my time with her, like we were in person have a cuppa and letting me release, I forgot we were online at all! Such a strong presence. Thank you

Genevieve Shakti Gian