Wild Woman

Your separation from the

Wild Woman

For centuries you have been shamed for being too outspoken, too bossy, too sexual, too feirce. So you buried your innate Wild Woman down into the depths of your shadows. With the
Wild Woman, you also banished your self worth leaving you unable to live your life to the full expression of you. 
Are you ready to remember you, the Wild, Free, Confident Woman!

I’m ready to awaken my Wild Woman

The Wild Woman Archetype is the key to unlocking your worth!

Your worth hasn’t gone anywhere, it is innate. You are born with it,  you have simply buried it so deep in your shadows that you can no longer feel it or find it. Subconscious fear blocks you from seeing your true power and magnificence. In our work together we restore you to true state, which is wholeness.
As your intuitive guide I support you to call back your power from the experiences that caused you to separate from your self, your Wild Woman Self.
The Wild Woman knows her worth, she defines what it means to be a woman. Walking her path fiercely to the beat of her own heart. You have heard her call, you can feel her awakening deep within. Whenever you see injustice towards a woman through words or actions, you can feel your Wild Woman’s rage bubble to the surface.
The Wild Woman stands for all woman to unapologetically know their worth!

What the Wild Woman means to me!

“…the soul sits alone and waits for a footstep that never comes.”

“I have sometimes thought that a woman’s nature is like a great house full of rooms: there is the hall, through which everyone passes in going in and out; the drawingroom, where one receives formal visits; the sitting-room, where the members of the family come and go as they list; but beyond that, far beyond, are other rooms, the handles of whose doors perhaps are never turned; no one knows the way to them, no one knows whither they lead; and in the innermost room, the holy of holies, the soul sits alone and waits for a footstep that never comes.”
Edith Wharton

Sacred 13 Archetype

Meet the
Wild Woman

I am the untamed, wild and confident part of your soul that you yearn to awaken. Yearning for the freedom to express your deepest desires and thoughts.
You have been taught to believe that I am reckless, outspoken, out of control, that I am sinful and not to be played with. To be these things would leave you an outcast, judged and unaccepted. You have been shamed for speaking your truth whilst I was with you and so you buried me deep within your shadows, scared to be marked as a ‘reckless Wild Woman’. With me, you buried your worth, your freedom to be the full expression of you. You conformed to be the good obedient woman, and whilst you appear to be approved of and accepted you have sacrificed too much. You have forgotten us, banishing us the deepest parts of your soul.
I define my worth. I choose to walk my path fiercely. I seek no ones approval. Everything I do is for the highest good of the awakening world! I confidently dance to the beat of my own heart, Wild and Free.
I see you. I see all of you through the unfiltered lens. Raw, Vulnerable, Powerful and truly Magnificent.
I know you can feel me awakening deep within you. Don’t be scared. Awaken me! Invite me into your life.

Take a deep breath. Feel me. Feel my energy! Feel my fierceness! Feel your fierceness!

Awaken me.. you are ready!

Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

Awaken your Wild Woman