Wild Woman Rising

Imagine a world where you are free to live Wild and Free. Untamed. Unearthed.

Free to be whoever and whatever you desire! Free to be at one with your true unlimited self.

How long has it been since you fully felt your Wild Self? The part of you who isn’t plagued by judgment, comparison and obedience?

When you look in the mirror, who do you see? Who do you WANT to see?

For me, the journey of becoming more ME truly began with meeting and embodying my Wild woman self. She is the one who lead me home. She is the one who brought me back to truth, my freedom.

It’s time we put the stories that keep us prisoners in our own lives to bed. Familiar BS stories like:
‘You’re too bossy’
‘Too outspoken’
’Too loud’
’Too fat’
’Not pretty enough’

Who do you want to be? What story do you want to tell?

There are many layers to unpack on the journey to unearthing your Wild Self and in a world that measures our worth against how closely we fit the mould formulated by society – I am here to shift that paradigm!

Are you willing?


Your Wild Self – Where art thou?

The moment you catch a glimpse of your Wild Self, is the moment you will truly breathe for the first time.

Your Wild Self is who you’ve been searching for this whole time … only she isn’t hiding out somewhere in the physical world… no. She is and always has been waiting for you to take the journey within. Waiting for you to explore, discover, unearth and liberate the inner parts of yourself.

She is where you will find all the gold and riches you will ever need.


What’s Included

Over the course of each month we will go on a 4 part journey:

Week 1:
– Who is your Wild Woman?
– Release what stands between you and your Wild Woman
Week 3:
– Meet and reclaim your Wild Woman

Each month the journeys will be very different though they follow a similar pattern.

There are many many faces of our Wild Self, many many facets to explore, to unearth and to liberate.



Included – 2 x 90minute zoom sessions (journey and sharing)