Work 1 on 1 with Brie

A deep immersion into self.

During 1:1 sessions I provide a safe and nurturing space for my clients to uncover the deep truths behind their blocks whilst teaching them to hear the whispers of their soul.
As a course in miracles states… ‘we are never afraid for the reason we think we are’. This means that there is always a deeper meaning or reason behind every action, reaction or non action!
Going beyond the known of our reactions is where the true magic happens.
I work in a very co-creative way with all my clients leaving you feeling empowered and with a deeper connection with self. It is so easy to hand over our power to another and ask them for the answers, to fix the pain, to take away the discomfort… but this only serves you in the short term. In the long term the same discomfort will come around again and again until you accept the invitation to explore it for yourself.
As your mentor I place that power back into your shaking hands and guide you back to yourself. It is here in the centre of your being that you will find the answers to the questions you didn’t even realise you were asking.
I hold you fiercely as you learn to go beyond the known of your beliefs and into root of your discomfort, it is here that you will glimpse your Wild Self. That you will feel the freedom and liberation that comes from breaking free from the chains imposed on us through our validation seeking world.
In my experience the most profound transformation takes place over time. This gives you the opportunity to open up, explore and open up some more. This is humbling work, this is admitting to and inviting your shadow self to emerge into your light. Allowing yourself to be seen in all your raw glory by another for what may be the first time in your life is a libration you have never dared to dream.
As your mentor, I take my role as your guide VERY seriously. I hold you in fierce compassion without allowing you to hide from yourself or your discomfort. I am gentle when required and I will call you out when your saboteur takes control.
Most of all I open the door to a whole new world for you, a door into a new 100% no questions asked self accepting paradigm. Sounds like BLISS to me.
Book in a free chat to see what working together could look like for you. xx

Your Soul Garden

All our Soul Gardens have the same parts but are of course organised in a different way (because if we were all the same that would be REALLY BORING)!
Our family, cultures and lineage plant the seeds and tend to our garden for us whilst we are taught to tend to them ourselves. They plant the seeds of language, attitudes, knowledge and habits (even the annoying ones) for all areas of our life. As we move into adolescence we begin to tend our own garden.
As we go about tending and becoming more familiar with our glorious Soul Gardens, admiring all the beautiful nourishing plants our families and cultures have planted for us we begin to notice some pretty toxic weeds popping up… or perhaps they are already taking over our Soul Garden. All of us, even those of us with the most full and colourful of Soul Gardens have to deal with some pretty invasive, unwanted and let’s say.. ugly weeds. Weeds of our sex negative, body shaming culture that thrives on our negative beliefs of unworthiness.
To have a healthy Soul Garden, a garden that we each choose, it is imperative that we search through each row one by one, deciding on what to keep, nurture and grow and what we must dig out and dispose of quick smart.

This is where I come in to support you, I don’t remove the weeds for you but I do support and empower you to hunt for them and remove them. I hold you in my safe energetic embrace so you feel safe and willing to go on this hunt with me.

In other words we go beyond the known of your issue, to the very root of the issue and rewire your subconscious at this deepest level and return you to your true state, which is wholeness. 

So grab your gardening gloves my friend… We are going on a weed hunt!

Client Words

What a wonderful gift you have Brie & such a beautiful, warm & welcoming spirit.
I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about myself knowing fully that I am completely safe under your guidance.
The journeys you have taken me on have been mind blowing & truly transformational. My favourite part was recognising what my clair is, developing it & learning more about it.
You are supportive, non judgemental & it so comfortable & easy being around you.
I look forward to continuing down the different paths I go on throughout our journeys & developing & growing in mind, body & spirit.

Lynette Bos


You were the ultimate space holder last night Brie. A lot of insight to process and clear now.
Today I’m feeling more intune with my body and the process I’m going through. It all makes sense. The Masculine is dying, the Feminine is RISING. Thank You for being a part of puzzle.
Love Love Love YOU! Tx

Topaz Colwell


I was feeling a bit lost. Although I knew the session would be good, I have to say I was blown away by it. Brie is incredibly intuitive and was amazing at guiding me. I had so many “wow” moments. And so much changed for me after that session. It really did help set me on an incredible path. I’ve absolutely loved continuing to work with Brie. I’ve since had another session, and we were able to go really deep and clear even more blockages. What I really love about working with Brie is that I feel like she’s really invested in serving me, and there’s never any feeling of being judged by her. She’s in the trenches with me. She’s a real person who is openly going on her own awakening journey and shares it in all its realness and rawness, but she is fully committed to it. And she inspires me to continue with mine.

Charlie O’Connor


Why would you want to work with me?

Because you want to break the cycle of roller-coaster emotions, end the war with yourself, stop giving your power away, become self-reliant, take personal responsibility for your state of being, actively create your reality ALL by becoming the most intuitively intelligent human possible.

– If there is a recurrent issue or challenge in your life that keeps cycling back around

– You are ready to go beyond the known of your life problems to rewire the subconscious programmes that keep you stuck

– You are willing to make the descent to your subconscious to once and for all overcome the limiting beliefs and self-destructive cycles

-You want to embody the optimal version of yourself

– You yearn to turn your intuition ON, instead of it coming and going

– You are ready to embrace your shadow and your light – to move beyond your attachment to your fear stories and to accept your brilliance

– Self-awareness of your ‘issues’ has only got you so far – you want to not only know what the problem is but be guided to release it

Join us! It will only take a minute